Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Post for a New Blog!

I've decided that I wanted one central place where I could put all the stuff I write, so here we are! I'm going to be keeping this blog focused on the fiction I come up with, and so you'll be seeing a lot of one page comic scripts from Thought Balloons, flash fiction entries for the flash fiction prompts over at Terrible Minds, and lots of other little odds and ends. I'm going to try to keep my labels very specific and generally at a low number so it's easier to navigate throughout the blog and see past posts of a particular/peculiar type.

If you're interested in reading my other stuff, pop over to The Hopeless Gamer where I write about all forms of tabletop gaming and generally riff on the hobby as a whole. I can't guarantee I'll be posting much exclusive content here that doesn't appear elsewhere, but to that end, it will also serve as a repository for myself and a public space I can point people to read more of the words I string together into awkwardly-long sentences.

Finally, you can always email me at I hope you enjoy what you read here, and please, by all means, leave a comment for any feedback or questions you might have!

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