What Is This?

Paul Vogt Writes is my attempt at creating an online portfolio of my writing style and experience. Generally I like writing Horror or general genre fiction with a bit of a dark bend to it. My process is to first create a world and then futz around with it until a story emerges. Whenever I post a new bit of flash fiction or script for a comic somewhere else, it will also appear here. My goal is to be constantly involving myself in writing prompts and challenges around the web to improve my skills as a writer.

While the goal of this blog is to highlight my own writing, I'm more than happy to open discussion up to others that are interested in what's going on. You should feel more than welcome to leave comments on my posts - even negative ones - since we all know that a writer requires one thing above all else: feedback. If you love a piece, that's great. If you hate a piece, while it's not great, but let me know why! If the comment gives some constructive criticism, all the better!