Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Night Out

It's this weeks flash fiction entry into Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds writing challenge! This week we have a 1,000 words and 60 unusable stock photos to choose from to inspire us. I chose the picture to the right here, number 20. I don't know what I just wrote, so you read it and tell me what you think! Thanks! 

The girls giggled together, not nearly as drunk as they might appear. They crossed arms over shoulders and formed a two-woman kick line as they danced to Baby Got Back by the great Sir Mix-A-Lot. They'd never seen this dive before tonight and would likely forget about the job two days from now. The three ugly bikers with long beards, the only other patrons in the Black Tomorrow, stared on in blissful oblivion at the unexpected show.

Ginger and Robin had heard about this grimey little pub and its regulars just a couple days before now and couldn't resist the temptation. They always pressed their luck and bit off a little more than they could chew. It didn't matter, somehow they always got out alive without too much damage done or bad memories sticking around. Things always did seem to get fuzzy near the end of their nights out.

Ginger, in her pink party dress kicked out her leg with so much gusto that the three inch black heel went flying and hit the lumpy-bearded fellow on the right. She laughed, but he laughed harder as he spit out the tooth the heel had dislodged. Robin went down and loosened Ginger's other shoe strap in between Ginger's high kicks and off it went, knocking the fellow in the left squarely in the temple. They both laughed as the guy took a shot of some black liquid to steady himself. The man in the middle permitted a low growl to escape from this throat. Affectionate or not, his buddies seemed to be getting all the attention from these young college girls and this simply would not do. He stood and placed one large, hairy hand around Robin's ankle. That paw probably could have closed almost twice completely wrapped around the petite leg of the young brunette. The other leg kicked up and out hitting the man from the center squarely in the face, dislodging more than a few teeth from his mouth. His head wrenched to the side, and for the first time that night his tattoo appeared to them in just enough light to make it out. He was shaved down to the scalp on either side of his short mohawk, and the full moon, done up in exquisite detail with immense artistic talent could be seen in all its glory. Ginger caught the flash of colored flesh and winked quickly at Robin, who winked back.

They hopped down from the bar in unison just as the last line of the song. As they landed, they twisted in the air and flashed the boys a bit of their own backs. The one on the right spit out a bit of bloody phlegm and almost howled at the sight. Robin and Ginger clasped hands and lead out toward the back door. The hairy trio quickly got up to follow as did the bartender. Robin turned to him, pressed him against the chest, and whispered something in his ear. The bartender gaffawed at her and went back to scrubbing the bar top. This was to be an exclusive show.

Ginger flung the back door open with a kick, and out of the portal they sprawled into the scenic green and lush back yard. Music and smoke flowed through the doorway as the party of five left the building. The door slammed shut and all the atmosphere of the bar evaporated leaving the group in complete silence other than the giggles of the girls. The cloudless night sky lit up the yard as the stars and moon filtered through the leaves above them.

Large white motorcycle helmets appeared from no where in each of the girls' hands. They danced their own little stripteases pretending to show a bit of skin here or there that would peak out from beneath their short, low-cut party dresses and would cover the exposed flesh with the helmet just a moment before the reveal. They got into a mock chick fight and put their helmets on. They played at punching each other for a minute until they finally embraced and pantomimed kissing through their helmets. They drove the men wild, literally wild, as their beards grew before the girls' eyes. Their faces began stretching, as their arms and legs grew distended. Teeth - including the ones the girls had lost them - grew long and jagged in their mouths. Finally the one on the right let loose his full howl and it penetrated the noise of the giggles still coming from the Ginger and Robin.

The bikers, more beasts than men, had almost completed their transformation. The girls stopped their show as the three men writhed in the pain of their changing. Before they could regain their senses, the girls rushed to count out exactly ten paces apart from each other. Ginger and Robin leaned forward like Olympic sprinters posed for the starting gun. Hands stretched far above and behind their backs, they shouted together in their count of three.

"Three. Two. One. We belong together!" They bolted towards each other and collided with unknowable power. As their helmets cracked face to face, a lightning bolt struck the space between them. Smoke bellowed out of where they once stood and the trio before it howled in unison, all signs of humanity erased from their bodies.

From the smoke appeared a twelve foot-tall goddess of a woman armored in white gold with a great spear tipped with pure silver. The goddess laughed and the wolves' howls turned to whimpers as they realized their mistake. She thrust her spear first into the Alpha in the center whose body quickly melted away from the spear, which she had named Wolfbane. The other two leapt toward opposite directions hoping to flee the goddess' wrath. She watched and giggled with echoes of the laughter of Ginger and Robin. They had loosed her once more on the world, and the hunt was on.


  1. Wow, I didn't see that story coming. Nice making them part of a whole, plus explaining the helmets in the photo. Nope, wasn't expecting that whole goddess thing, either. lol Now you have the beginning of a very interesting story. You should continue!

  2. WOW....I wasn't expecting this either! I'm interested to know more about the Goddess!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I thought I'd go a little gonzo given Chuck's prompt and how out there it is. When I saw the picture all I could think of them looking like a couple of Power Rangers or something similar that had to crash into each other to activate a new power. WHAM, the Goddess is created.

  4. Really nice feel to this one, I wasn't expecting it at all, I thought the girls were going to get slaughtered.

  5. I think you're right. That is absolutely the only explanation for this photo - nice!

  6. That's quite a ride! Great original interpretation. :)

  7. Thanks so much to everyone for the kind comments! I really did try to do something wacky here, and I'm glad it made an impression :)